Helsinki 2005 dec - 2006 jan / outdoor on-site works

知覺無聲 Perception of Phenomenal Soundlessness



I reckon many people have come across depression. To me, it is the deaf-mute of psyche. This time, I traveled again to the ‘depressed’ part of my memory. * These art pieces were finished outdoors when I was in an artist-in-residence program in Finland. Unlike my past creations, there was no explicit selection of forms and materials; I just followed the frostiness, wandered to the lakeside, to the seaside, and to the forest. The frostiness seemed to condense my ‘mental organs’** in which the depression went deep tranquilly and softly into my body. Making little gadgets, rearranging materials and taking picture in nature, I tried to use a variety of methods to embrace the perception of phenomenal soundlessness (perhaps like the ‘sound’ in the dream) and collaged into pieces of visual narration beyond words.

* J.-B. Pontalis who is a psychologist analyst, quoted the explanation of “depression” in geometry perspective from the dictionary, which is a shrinking part on the earth surface. Details refer to ‘Depression’ inside “Fenetres”.
** Same as above.

關於作品 About the work


行李箱的轆子壞了,提不走。然後,攜著看空蕩蕩的箱子,放到湖邊,並以身體把它填滿。 The wheels of the suitcase were damaged, couldn’t move after that, brought along the empty suitcase to the lakeside, filled with the body.

------ 這可理解為自由。


在古老的墓地拾來一些樹枝,把它們重組;然後,在雪地上,是一個個粗略的圖案,也是一個個把零碎殘缺回歸本體的粗淺願望。再然後,圖案在數天後消失了。Picked up some sticks from ancient grave land, rearranged them and you could see there were simple patterns on the ice; meanwhile they were pieces of simple wishes came from fragments which then returned to the essence.


在一個人度過的聖誕夜的一個人的房間,從一件衣服剪了一個最簡易可理解的'人形',縫合起來,並在人形的一面剪了一個小洞。翌日,帶著'人形'去了湖邊,把糾纏不清的雪和冰m塞進去,到稱得上立體為止。然後,看到湖邊正好有一條佇立著的木,便把'人形'掛上。之後,風雪給'人形'點上了面。數星期後,人形不見了。 On one person’s christmas night and one person’s room, I cut ‘man-shape’ from clothes, sewed it, and trimmed a small opening on its back. on the other day, I brought it to the lakeside, packed into entangled snow and ice until the shape become solid. Then, I found a wood standing beside the lake; therefore i put the man shape on. After, snow covered the surface of the man shape. several weeks later, it was disappeared.



exhibition at UMA-G Gallery
2006 march / Hong Kong

' Stained, the eclisped pattern' 知覺無聲
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