It is about children's dreams, runs in the air of a playground, then settles down in a room....a solitude.
It is also about a person watches children play in a playground (as the lyrics of Rolling Stone's As Tear Goes By),
from morning to noon.


a fairy tale
(2005. Britto International Artists’ Workshop,
Nikera Kori Center, Nungola, Bora, Bangladesh)

a playground-ride, sweets in a silk handichief,
drawings, paint on wall, 4 drawings on paper,
5 colour light bulbs

It was indeed a group work, included the owner of the playground (he is a painter and has his own gallery inside the playground), the blacksmiths who made the actual playground-ride and a helper (Mr.Ricab) from the Center, and the children I met in the village, that gave me inspiration in thinking about the plays in one's childhood.


In a few hours' exhibition, people came to visit and played with the ride.  
At the entrance of the room, people can found a 'cutting-grass' farmer. It was created by another artist, Pierre LAURENT, who imagined a worker was helping me to cut the grass, whilst I were painting the grass around inside the room.