Ivy MA, King Chu is a Hong Kong artist working in drawings, paintings, photography and mixed-media installation. Having studied fine art in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, she has held a number of solo exhibitions in Hong Kong. She was an Asian Cultural Council grantee in 2007 and she received Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards, Young Artist Award in 2012. Her series of works 'Last Year' (2015) was collected by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) in 2020.


Cultivating an aesthetic characterized by quietness and stillness, Ivy Ma's work becomes, ultimately, a philosophical reflection on nature and history.

Her process is both careful and caring, infused with humility and sympathy even as she examines difficult history- the aftermath of the atomic explosion in Hiroshima and the bits of clothing still found in Cambodia's "Killing Fields," .

Looking, collecting, drawing and thinking, Ivy works her way through history to find what we might call "the human thread" running through everything. The objects she collects, the images she selects, and the occasional photographs and videos she produces all strike a similar chord, one that is at once uncanny, disturbing and beautiful.

Through her early in sculpture and installation she developed a sensibility towards scale, texture and light that now informs her two dimensional work. Starting in 2010 she began focusing on images- both stills taken from specific films and photographs found in history museums - for an ongoing series of what she calls 'drawing-interventions' where she actively erases and draws into and over the existing image. The images themselves fixate on small details and transient moments: discarded objects, empty spaces, fragments of a landscape and blurred, indistinct patterns which, collectively, form a parallel, purposefully "minor" history- a history of things forgotten which, in truth, inform and direct our lives as much as any grand narrative.



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[ The Latest ]

(THEATRE PRODUCTION) Objects Lie On A Table, City Hall, Hong Kong 2021

(Solo) Think Of Wind, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong 2021

(Solo) Poems, days, death, Lumenvisum, Hong Kong 2020
(Text in Chinese in Leaflet)

(Group) The spaces Between the Words Are Almost Infinite, Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong 2020

(Group) Drawing as the Core, Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Baptist University, HK 2020


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[ Solo Exhibitions ]

2018 "As Time Folds"

2015 "Last Year"

2014 "Someone"

2012 "Numbers Standing Still"

2011 "Still-Lifes and Waves"

2011 "gazes"


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Archive II (by media, 2001-2008)
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2. Drawing
3. Photography
4. Object

Archive III (by material, 2001-2006)